Auckland motel accommodation like an Auckland hotel in Newmarket. For business and corporate accommodation, near Auckland central city, Remuera, Epsom, hospitals and the fashion capital of New Zealand.

Environmental Policy:

In line with responsible tourism to protect our environment and build a sustainable future, we actively reduce our wastes, reuses our waters, and also recycle our wastes.  Our training to new staff will actively go through the Responisble Tourism Guide , as well as our Responsible Tourism Statement. Existing staff are encouraged to come up with constant improvement.

Reduce our wastes: conserve the use of resources such as water, electricity, paper, detergents and cleaning liquids.  We don't start a cleaning cycle until the towels have been collected from the day's check-out and serviced rooms.  Similar consideration also applies for drying.

Housekeeping is asked to look out for running taps and heaters/heat pumps or lights/tv that is not switched off when they enter the rooms.  Some guests will leave their key card in the slot once they check out. This turns the power on, so remember to remove the key card and return to reception.

Reuse our waters: an example in the office is in the re-use of papers that we tend to throw away.  They may be advertising materials, junk mails or faxes, documents that we printed but no longer needed.  Most of these appear on single sided pages and the reverse pages are blank.  Instead of throwing them away, we can use the blank pages for trail printing of documents, temporary messages etc.  Paper bags and cardboard is an excellent source to reuse as containers to store our back room items.  In the future, we will be looking at selecting a spot in the motel to build a compost heap, so that our garden wastes can turn into fertile use instead of throwing away.

Recycle our wastes: gather all wastes from the rooms and separate into paper, glass, plastic (recyclable), aluminium cans. The rubbish point has bins that we take out on Monday (for council's collection) and Wednesday (Green gorilla collection) and any non recyclable items, such as battery, paints, metal parts etc. are sorted before bringing to Hazmobile or inorganic collection period, specified by Auckland City Council.